With its formidable horns and powerful, muscular body, Torosaurus (meaning “Bull reptile”) was like a dinosaur version of a rhinoceros. Featuring an enormous neck frill, Torosaurus had the largest skull of any terrestrial animal.

The bony frill had large fenestrae, or holes, to reduce weight and may have been brightly coloured and used for display. Apart from the large frill, Torosaurus was similar in appearance to its close relative, Triceratops. Both ceratopsians had two long horns sprouting above the eyes with a smaller horn on the snout. Torosaurus used its sharp beak and rows of shearing teeth to munch tough vegetation.

Fossilized footprints identified as ceratopsian trackways indicate that the forelegs were slightly splayed, with the hind legs straight under the body, similar to a rhinoceros.

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